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What Are You Building?

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

We have a limited amount of time.

Our culture generally teaches us to get formally educated and then get a job. Hopefully we continue to gain skills, please our employer, and earn more money. Eventually we retire and "live the good life."

We might spend 35 years building up our skills for the benefit of our employer, so we can buy groceries and pay the mortgage.

Question is, What are you building? What should you be building?

Are you building what you want to build? Are you pouring your life into your employer and neglecting your own dreams?

As an example, the Egyptians built pyramids that endured beyond their society. They clearly had high aspirations. They built something that future generations marvel at. And even question why or how?

Whether it is good to build a pyramid or not, the point is, they built something that lasted beyond their lifetime.

Is that something we should do personally? Build a life that lasts beyond our own lifetime?

If someone asked you today "show me what you have been building all these years you have lived," what would you tell them?

I think this is something everyone should be aware of and decide for themselves.

What are you building?

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