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Houston, we have a problem.

There are hundreds of websites, blogs, books, teachers and coaches that want to help you reach success.

Many of these resources try to teach you how to make money, how to set up a Wordpress website, how to find a side hustle, how to write, how to sell, etc.

The amount of information is overwhelming. Most of it is not useful. It's bloated. It's disorganized.

Here's how I can help you.

I spent 25 years in information technology doing coding, analysis and writing documentation for highly complex networked information systems. This is how I developed my skills and appreciation for simplicity and organization.

My goal is to cut out all the BS, hype, clickbait headlines, and fluff that waste our time. I have organized and optimized the principles and practices on Great Is The Way to help you make steady and measurable progress.

Here are the ways I optimize, organize and apply success principles to Great Is The Way.

1. Laser Focus

Laser Focus on success principles, nothing else. No money making schemes, no side hustle tips, no build your own website junk, no affiliate links.

Only a 100% focus on the best mindset and practices for living a great life and achieving success on your terms.

Success Principles Applied: Focus on the most most important thing. Avoid distraction.

2. Constant Improvement

Why write an endless heap of blog posts year after year? Do you want to read hundreds of blog posts? Major time waster. Yet that's what everybody teaches. That's insane!

Rather than creating a thousand blog posts that no one reads, I focus on creating and continually refining the content that has the greatest value.

This saves you time and frustration and it saves me from writing meaningless articles designed only to rank on page one and hopefully entice you to click on it (that's how most sites get traffic).

Success Principles Applied: Create value. Do/Learn/Refine. Focus on meaningful work.

3. Clear Path

Holy mess. How on earth is anyone going to go through 1000 blog posts that date back to 2001? You can't learn anything in a reasonable amount of time by reading blog posts (or social feeds for that matter)! That's insane!

Here are the main areas on this website to focus on.

1. Daily Messages (Daily encouragement)

On the homepage, each day, is a new messages to encourage and reinforce success practices. Read more about the Daily Messages on the Start page.

2. The MAP (Core content)

I am currently working on a MAP for success. MAP stands for Mindset, Action, and Practices. It is the index (MAP) of articles arranged in the best order for learning and reference.

3. The Blog

The blog is like a library with a loose structure. It contains a variety of articles and "deep dives". I will cap the total number of posts to 50 and keep refining them year after year.

Success Principles Applied: Respect the time of others. Create quality products. Care about others. Make things clear. Educate the customer.


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