"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. -Steve Jobs"

Two Ideas that Work Together for an Abundant Life

By: jwilder, 12/10/2021

Live for today and live for tomorrow.

Sometimes our long-term goals cause us to stress. This stress about the future tends to mess up our today.

On the other hand, sometimes we put off improving our life. We think we have all the time in the world.

The solution that works for me are two ideas that work together to solve the "stress about the future" problem and the "I'll do it tomorrow" problem.

Idea 1. I make plans and pursue them daily.

I work to create a better future for myself. Because I recognize that growth is a daily practice, I invest in myself every day.

If I'm going to live another day, month, year, I want to arrive with a prize. I want to possess and enjoy the good things I worked for. I want to have more to give away. I want to gain wisdom to serve more.

Make long-term plans and pursue them daily.

Idea 2. If today is my last day, I'm fine (it's out of my control).

Success is today. I don't need to attain anything. I don't need a certificate to live a great life. A great life is a grateful life.

Have you ever been grateful for air? You know what, there is NOT a lot of air in our solar system (maybe even the universe) that we have access to. How blessed we are to have this abundant layer of breathable air around us! If we can breathe, we are blessed! There must be a billion times a billion things that must happen just for us to stop for a moment and consider each breath we take. If that doesn’t blow your mind, I’m speechless.


Make plans, and pursue them daily. If our plans come to pass, then we get to enjoy the results of our work! We are blessed!

Seize the day. It's all we have. Live with gratitude. Create what you were made to create! Love with a whole heart.

Living in gratitude for today and building a better tomorrow are powerful ideas when they are combined. It's key to a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Find a Reason to Come Alive

By: jwilder, 12/9/2021

Don't wait for good things to happen. Don't wait for a win to get fired up. Don't live for the next sale, the next game, the next recognition. And certainly, don't live for the weekend! These things come to the diligent.

There are reasons to come alive that are much deeper. These reasons are like the laws that govern the universe. They don't change. They don't go away. They are unbreakable and irresistible.

Yes, life will throw us a curve. Sometimes we have to play defense. We have to protect ourselves. But seasons change. The night becomes the day. Winter gives way to spring. When you're not on defense, unleash the offense!

Find a Reason that never goes away to come alive every day. Find a purpose to die for, and live. Choose a dream to believe in. Turn belief into conviction and move freaking mountains. Know deep inside that all things, good or bad, will work for you.

Don't wait for good things to happen. If we breathe, we're not done. There's a big, badazz powerful reason you're alive today. Let's move some mountains.

To your success!

Live an Inspired Life

By: jwilder, 12/8/2021

What inspires you? Who inspires you?

Can we get in a rut, if we inspire ourselves daily?

What if we filled our lives with things that inspire us and people who inspire us?

Don't wait for inspiration. We wait too long for a few good things, when we have thousands of ways to be inspired daily.

We have the power to cause great things to happen. What you fill yourself with, is what you overflow with.

Inspire yourself daily with art, music, and nature. Listen and read the words of wisdom from people that inspire you. Seek out more inspiration, so that you are filled each day, and overflow with wonder, amazement and possibilities.

When we fill ourselves with inspiration, then we have abundance, we have something to freely give, we can be an inspiration.

Does it Add Value

By: jwilder, 12/7/2021

Value is a measurement word. We think about value when we buy something. We think about value when we lose something. We place a value on health, wealth, relationships, education, entertainment, and so on.

Whatever activity we do, or thing we buy, or possession we own, it might be wise to ask "Does this add value to my life?"

Sometimes we can get into habits that don't serve us. This is a great tool to evaluate our habits.

Sometimes we want to buy something that we believe will satisfy a need for a certain feeling. This is a great tool to evaluate our purchases.

Sometimes the creative work we do can lead to feelings of frustration. Maybe we lose hope or feel angry. This is a great tool to evaluate the work we do.

Simple tools are the best tools. A simple tool is easy to use, and therefore is used often. When you do something often, it forms a habit. Good habits can help us be more conscious of our daily choices.

Does this add value? It can remind us that we are doing good work. The rewards will come in time.

Sails up fellow builders. Make good progress today!

Goodwill is For the Rich

By: jwilder, 12/6/2021

Do you feel like the businesses you interact with care about helping you? Sadly, it just seems like we do business wrong. We focus on profit and don’t really care about the customer. The problem is, businesses create systems that behave like machines. And machines don’t care about people.

The real excitement in life is helping people get what they want. You can have a good business and care about people. There are certain businesses I promote because they honestly help others (even people that don’t buy from them!). This is where the magic happens…

When people promote you without your knowledge then you have created goodwill. You cannot buy goodwill.

You don’t even have to give anything away. Just care and honestly try to help. If you find a group of people you want to serve (this is key!), then it’s easy to care. Help them get what they want. Be generous, it shows you are grateful. Make them more knowledgeable. Help them make a decision that is right for them. If you can’t help them, recommend someone who can.

To build goodwill is simply a good way to live. There is no downside. It’s not something you calculate to see if it is worth the effort. Building goodwill will not make you poor (that’s scarcity). On the contrary, it will make your heart rich!

The key is, find a group of people you want to serve. Delight them by caring. Help them get what they want. It’s where the magic of goodwill begins.

Finding the Seed of Great Success

By: jwilder, 12/3/2021

Here is a simple truth for me: If something doesn't excite me or add to my sense of fulfillment, then it's just a task.

I don't wake up thinking of tasks. I don't get excited talking about tasks. I don't think about how I can perform tasks better. I don't really care about tasks. They just need to be done. And this is how many see their jobs. It just needs to be done. Get your tasks done, then you can go out and play. That's what we are taught. Study hard, then recess.

Yes, we have to learn things that aren't interesting. We need to be able to successfully perform our tasks in life.

Here's another truth. People figure out how to do what they enjoy. Some figure out how to earn a side income. Some figure out how to earn a living. Some figure out how to earn a fortune. Forget the money, some people just want to live an extraordinary life.

The point is, if you want something more, then figure out how to get it. If you can find something that excites you and others want that same thing, then I believe we have the seed of great success.

Great success is the excitement of helping someone get what they want. You are excited and they are excited. That is powerful, sustainable energy. Energy is what powers everything. Energy is the power of great success.

Energy must be put to work. Once we have the perfect seed, it must be planted. The work needs to be done. We show up daily. We do the work.

This is a process I have used my entire life. But for decades I never thought about understanding the process better. I never thought about breaking down the process and principles into understandable components. I never thought about what could be optimized. Truth is, when I got what I wanted, I went back to coasting.

If something excites you, then there is no harm in imagining the possibilities. There is no harm in creating small experiments to test your ideas. There is no harm in searching for the seed of great success, or the seed of an extraordinary life.

To your success!

Success Is Generous

By: jwilder, 12/2/2021

Each day success offers everyone an opportunity. You will never miss the train. There is no game winning shot. There is no once-in-a-lifetime chance. Success shows up every day.

Success is generous. Success shows up every day and offers everyone an opportunity. If you see success as a daily opportunity then you see how important this day is. Take the shot. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Keep making connections. Keep creating. Keep serving.

Some people hope for success. Someday, they say. But they miss it. They don't know what success really is. So they can't see it, even when it shows up every single day.

Success is generous. Success shows up every day and offers everyone an opportunity. Take advantage of it, today.

If yesterday you took all the shots you could, then congratulations! If you missed out, good news... Today is a new day.

Take the shot.

The Gates to Riches

By: jwilder, 12/1/2021

When you put people before profit you open the gates to future riches, and the gates stay open. All riches come through people. The more gates you open the easier it is to serve more people, open more gates, and gain more riches.

When you put profit over people you close the gates to future riches. The more gates you close the harder you have to work. If you serve your boss but don't care about those you serve, then you put your fate in the hands of your boss.

The people you serve are gates to many people. People love to share stories, and they will share the story of how you treated them, good or bad.

When you put people before profit you open the gates to future riches, and the gates stay open. Whoever you serve, make sure the story they tell is a great story.

Keep the gates open!

How to Win Every Day

By: jwilder, 11/30/2021

First, know where you are going.

What is your destination? What are you aiming at? A little to the left, a little to the right, and you missed the target. But, the good thing is, you have a target! Many people can't aim because they don't have a target. They don't know where they're going!

A simple way to determine where you're going is to look where you've been. Look back at your last seven days.

  • Did you educate yourself?
  • Did you create value?
  • Did you serve?

If you did these things, your trajectory is up (growth, value, wealth, abundance). And here's a bonus, if you stayed on target you laid the foundation for next week. Success is daily practice.

There are two trajectories: up or down. We are going one way or the other. The way we determine our trajectory is by doing the things today that keep us on target.

Learn, create value and serve. This is how to win every day.

I like to keep it simple. Today I'm going up.

To your success!

Just Enough Clarity

By: jwilder, 11/29/2021

Most people don't have a clear vision of what they want. We probably all have to go through this stage for a while. But at some point, the quicker the better, we need to be clear on what we are trying to achieve.

What is not defined cannot be obtained. You can't build what you can't define. If you can't build it, you will never obtain it.

We don't need to know all the details, but we should have enough clarity to define and obtain our goal. For example, I want to write a book about success and I want to get that book into the hands of people that want to read it. This is something I can describe and achieve. I don't know all the words or chapters, and that's fine. I have just enough clarity to have the confidence to start. I know what I will have when I finish (a book). And I know who it is for (people that want to read it).

The best thing we can do is to become clear about what we want. Then take deliberate daily action on achieving that. If you do this you are among the few who can build and obtain what they envision.

What can be defined, can be obtained.

A Reasonable Success

By: jwilder, 11/26/2021

There are many levels of success. A reasonable success works for me. I'm not trying to push to the highest level. That just fills me with stress, not success.

What is a reasonable success? It is success on your terms, based on your own dreams and purpose. A reasonable success is a balance of living with gratitude, enjoying the present, pursuing your dream, and just the right amount of growth.

A reasonable success is a sustainable success.

Success Key: Protect Your Create Time and Environment

By: jwilder, 11/24/2021

A key to success is to defend the time and environment where you create.

Don't create during the time that is left in the day. Allocate time to create. Hold "create time" as sacred. Do everything else with the time that remains.

The mind can be easily distracted. Create an environment and adopt constraints that protect against distraction. For example, don't check your email, or take a social media break. One bad email or emotionally charged post can easily impact your emotions (that's how social works).

Be careful about the things you do before your "create time."

This is always a challenge, and why this is a good reminder.

Success Vector

By: jwilder, 11/23/2021

The word "vector" is from Latin, and means "carrier or transporter."

What you enjoy can be a vector to learn things you might not enjoy.

I became interested in grammar and sentence structure when I was writing a text based adventure game. I had to take the user's input, such as "break door with axe" or "open the red book" and convert the sentence into an action applied to specific objects in the game. This type of problem is called Natural Language Processing (NLP). I was fascinated. My love for programming was a vector for learning sentence structure.

You can also use what you enjoy to get something better. I enjoyed computer programming, but my career was in drafting. I used my love for computers to move into computer aided drafting, then to programming. The process took ten years (and several jobs), but I got a career in programming without a degree.

We have access to different sources of power (motivation). By understanding the things that naturally motivate us, we expand the possibilities of what we can learn and achieve.

What's our vector, Victor?

Look for Reasons Why You Will Succeed

By: jwilder, 11/22/2021

Many people excel at finding reasons not to succeed. They only need one or two reasons. They could be good reasons. However there could be three good reasons why they can succeed.

If something is possible. If something is good. Then there are reasons it can be achieved and there are reasons you can achieve it. Look for reasons why you will achieve what you desire, and write them down.

The key is if there is something you want, then look diligently for reasons why you will obtain it, and keep adding reasons until you believe.

Even when we believe something we can still feel like it's impossible. Sometimes we have success in an area we have been working on. Then we have a setback. It can feel hopeless and frustrating. But feelings of doubt can be overcome by remembering and affirming the good reasons why we will succeed. Sometimes a little time is needed to allow the feelings to dissipate. Like the sun shining after a storm, your reasons will sustain you and renew your hope, and belief.

Remember the reasons why you will succeed. You wrote them down, didn't you?

To your success!

How to Become Wealthy and Successful

By: jwilder, 11/19/2021

It's hard to be charismatic, witty, wise, charming, professional, powerful, eloquent, or brilliant.

Thankfully, none of those attributes are required in order to become wealthy and successful. The way to personal success and wealth is through helping others get what they want.

"If you can help enough people to get what they want then you can get everything you want." -Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar

To become successful requires thinking about the needs of others. It requires love. Helping others is the best life. It will allow you to live a great and fulfilling life.

There is great personal satisfaction in helping others. No matter what happens when you help others, you know your investment is worthwhile.


By: jwilder, 11/18/2021

Desperation can be the catalyst for doing something that could have been done but hasn't.

Desperation can be when you quit caring about fears that aren't founded.

Desperation can be what causes you to buy that book, or take that course, or get that degree.

Desperation can be what finally gets you to dump the alternatives and go head on for what you know will move you forward.

Desperation can be that strong nudge that says it's time to act, you've been patient long enough.

Desperation has a message. Listen carefully. Decide wisely. And act.

If you need a little reminder each week, you can join my email group at James on Success.

To your success!

Learn Personal Success Like a Boss

By: jwilder, 11/17/2021

No one gets a quality education by reading random articles on the Internet. A writer's job on the Internet is to entice you and entertain you. They dabble in a multitude of topics. These articles are light, repetitive, and are full of opinions, and even critical misunderstandings. Some seem to even enjoy mocking success principles, practices and even the teachers.

I started out reading articles on how to make money blogging. I wanted a legitimate means to make a side income. All I did was burn time and lose money. Sure, others made money, but the process for me was soul crushing. I did learn from my investment. I learned this was not the way for me.

The change for me came when I realized that what I was really looking for was how to make a difference. Rather than shelling out more money for SEO tools and blogging courses, I started investing in myself.

If you want to learn about personal success you need to know the complete story. What is success? Why pursue success? How do I become successful? What are the fundamentals? Where do I start? How do I retain what I learn?

Sadly, I cannot recommend anyone to follow on the Internet (I don't follow any one person). But I can recommend a book that will actually deliver on what success is and how to achieve it. The clearest, no nonsense book I have read about success is "Your Roadmap for Success" by John Maxwell.

Next I would recommend finding a community of like minded believers. You can also join me on the success journey! The best way to join me is to join my email group at jamesonsuccess.substack.com/welcome

To your success!

Discouragement Has a Message

By: jwilder, 11/16/2021

In every discouragement is a message and an opportunity.

Sometimes we are discouraged when results take longer than expected. I would say in 99% of the cases results will always take longer than expected. The question is are they taking longer than they need to. If you can’t answer that question then discouragement says you need to do a little bit more digging to determine how long things can take.

Maybe you’re discouraged because you can’t sustain what you are doing. It becomes boring and even painful to continue. In this case the message might be you’ve explored this area and it’s not working. It’s time to look for another area to explore.

Sometimes we encounter a setback. It could be a health problem or something that happened to you that was unfair. This is certainly discouraging. The message in this case might be life is unfair and everyone has setbacks. It’s time To grow a bit of maturity and learn the skills necessary to endure the storm of a setback.

In every discouragement is a message and an opportunity. It's a specific message about an area that was lacking and an opportunity to strengthen that area.

The good news is, our attitude toward discouragement can improve. Over time, our encounters with discouragement can be shorter. And each discouragement gives us an opportunity to grow and mature.

When Success Makes Sense

By: jwilder, 11/15/2021

In my 20s I read a book about a man who would never give up. I don't remember the title, but I remember it was supposed to be a motivational story. Tragedy after tragedy came to the main character. But chapter after chapter he never lost hope. I didn't get it. All I saw was a miserable life and wasted effort. I probably didn't finish the book.

I dropped out of college, but I always found a good job. I tried to do well at work. I always tried to advance. But I felt my future and my stability were always in the hands of my employer. I was not in control of the projects I worked on and when or if I got a raise. I got laid off multiple times. Two companies I worked for closed shop. I just couldn't see striving for success when I had no control.

The point is I know striving for success makes no sense at times. But, seasons change. Hopefully there comes a time when you find something in your life that you long to accomplish. Maybe it's a dream you've had but you just couldn't see a way to make it happen. When the season changed for me, and I had found something I wanted to accomplish, my eyes were opened. I found something I can devote my life to, and now I need help! Success now makes sense.

Success makes sense when you find something that you want to accomplish and you decide to pursue it with all your heart.

Success Renaissance

By: jwilder, 11/12/2021

The speed of change is overwhelming. One thing that I saw at the beginning of 2021: there is a personal growth renaissance happening right now. The Internet is the foundation of this new age. It is going to change society. Here are some of the enabling components of this success renaissance.

Abundance of Knowledge (and Overload)

Knowledge is so abundant that it is overwhelming. Most people don't know how to deal with the overload. So, even though knowledge is prolific, it is still locked. In the age of short attention spans, nobody has the patience to sift through it. There is also an abundance of bad information. This leads to...

The Rise of the Teachers

The renaissance would not happen without tech empowered teachers. Teaching has been a crucial component of the creator economy. To deal with the overload of information, those with the gift of teaching will invest their time and consume massive amounts of information. This requires expert organizational skills in order to efficiently consume, classify and catalog information. The teachers will have expert writing and speaking skills in order to distill the core value from the information and communicate it to the students. The new teachers will leverage the rise of online communities and the exodus from social media.

The Rise of Communities

Social media today exploits the attention of their members by relentlessly distracting them with entertainment, recommendations and promotions (ads). The goal is to keep them in the matrix and expose them to more ads. It's a business model founded on distraction. The rise of online communities and the exodus from social media will facilitate the growth of purpose driven communities that foster the growth of the members. These community members will gladly pay for access to the community because of the promise of individual growth and meaningful connections.

Empowering Tech

Technology that empowers individuals to easily sell their services as well as make it easy to buy, will drive the personal growth renaissance. Community and teaching platforms will continue to evolve to meet the demand.

The Future

Things are still chaotic, but there are new structures forming. What will the future look like when a huge percentage of society is highly empowered with knowledge and a philosophy that empowers the individual? Maybe it is a success renaissance. But surely, it is the beginning of a massive change in society.

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Never give up. Keep learning!