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How to be Successful

By: jwilder

There is a generic definition of success that we all use when describing well known people such as actors, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc.

Success is a big topic, but it can be simplified.

Success is Personal

Words can have many meanings. Don't get caught up in arguments about what success is.

Success is Personal, so each of us need to define success for ourselves. Once you define what success is for you, then you can determine what you need to do and to become your version of success.

Success Definitions to Avoid

There are some common attitudes of success that we should avoid.

Success By Accomplishment

An accomplishment has an end. If you tie success to an accomplishment, at some point you will lose your motivation.

This happens all the time. People work hard for years to achieve success. When they arrive they have a momentary feeling of satisfaction. Then they quickly feel lost. They may even lose what they gained, because they lost their motivation. They now need another accomplishment to feel successful. It is a destination that doesn't exist.

Success By Money

Money doesn't make you a better person. This is very important if you truly want a better life. After all, isn't that why we dream of having money? To have a better life?

If we are not fulfilled, if we have character issues, then money will magnify the problems. We will have more money, but we will still be angry, resentful, suspicious, greedy, etc.

Success as a Way of Living

I believe there are pillars that apply to anyone that pursues success in life.

For me, success is a mindset, not a destination. Success is living a fulfilling life.

I believe the best definition of success is living a life of integrity while pursuing your dreams in a way that serves others.

I believe this is the key to fulfillment and the ultimate success story.

These are the steps I personally follow to live success each moment of each day.

1. Get to know yourself.

If you don't know who you are, you won't know how to change. We all have character flaws. We have to be willing to take an honest look at how we view ourselves, others, and the world. This is a continuous process.

2. Define the self you want to be.

Once we can deal with ourselves honestly, we can start to become who we truly are. Once we discover our value and see things more clearly, we can finally feel free to be ourself. This is liberating and exciting. This is a long process also.

3. Live the self you want to be.

Once you start to express our new freedom, we quickly encounter challenges. We will need new skills to deal with these challenges. In the past we would back off, retreat. Now, we choose to keep moving forward. Again, this is a lifelong process.

4. Nurture and build your gifts.

Now we have courage to move forward. We devote our heart to developing our gifts. This might feel difficult at times, but due to expectations like, I should be better by now, I don't like what I create. This is normal. Get back to the joy, gift, and blessing to even have a chance to create!

5. Use your gifts to serve others.

I believe this is the cornerstone of fulfillment. Become our true self. Create abundantly. Serve others from that abundance.

This is a win/win.


Being happy comes and goes. Achievement doesn't lead to long-term satisfaction. Money without inner change can be a disaster.

I believe the best definition of success is living a life of integrity while pursuing your dreams in a way that serves others.

This is the key to fulfillment and the ultimate success story.

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