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The Mindset That Magnifies Your Power

By: jwilder

We were born with certain strengths and weaknesses. We can't change that. But we can create a mindset that will magnify our power.

Everyone Has Strengths and Weaknesses

To make up for weaknesses, we might try to work long hours. But over time, working long hours is mentally, physically and spiritually unhealthy.

We can be angry, resentful and jealous because we are not good at something. We see others doing something we would love to be able to do, yet we try and try but don't make much progress.

That's perfectly fine. We must try things in order to discover our strengths, and weaknesses.

Focus on Your Strengths

Some people say your strengths are your superpowers. That is true.

It is better to utilize our strengths. That is how we make the most progress and impact.

However, there is something you can add to your strengths. It is available to anyone, no matter what your strengths and weaknesses are.

The Mysterious Suit

Imagine finding a mysterious box on your doorstep...You open it up. It contains some sort of suit, made of an unusual strong and light material. It almost glows. You take it to your bedroom and examine it closely. It is designed like a racing suit. You step into it and zip it up to your neck.

You look in the mirror but you can't see the suit. You walk outside and discover no one else can see the suite either.

You think, "What is this mysterious suit?" You immediately notice you feel a sense of peace. You see the people around you and you honestly want to help them. You feel their struggles. Your thoughts become focused. Your perception is amplified. You scan your surroundings. You see the flashing lights and voices of distraction. All of the sudden you get a sense of clarity. You know your mission.

Ironically, the invisible suit makes hidden things visible.

Unlike comics and superhero movies...

This... is... real.

There is an invisible suit you can put on that magnifies your power. It's called a mindset.

The Mindset That Magnifies Your Power

You can magnify your efforts. It's so simple. It's available to everyone. But few see it. It's like putting on a superhero suit that magnifies your power.

Here are the components of a mindset that magnifies your power.

A Sense of purpose.
A clear vision.
An abundance mindset.
A laser focus (Distractions)
A decision and commitment each day.
Unwavering determination.
Constant improvement Seek feedback and listening (few people care to listen).
Work for long-term rewards.
Care about others. Be unselfish.
Do what you don't want to do, because you know it will get you where you want to go.
Have a revelation that given time you will experience transformation.

Individually, these beliefs might not seem like much. However, if you add them up you get real power.

How do I get this mindset?!

Like making a mysterious suit you have to make it yourself. You have to choose the materials. You have to wear it every day. It becomes a way of life.

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James Wilder

James Wilder is the creator of Great Is The Way.


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