Great Is The Way

Success principles and encouragement, one day at a time.

Do you want to:

Turn your dreams into reality?
Learn key principles of success?
Be encouraged every day?
Reinforce what you learn?

Here's how...

How It Works

If we are successful, then we are empowered share our success with others.

Learn the principles of success, one day at a time.

31 messages on success, one per day, refined and repeated each month.

31 Messages

The 31 messages are structured as an introduction to success principles. There are 28 lessons (to accommodate the short month of February) and 3 bonus lessons.

One Per Day

In order to build a daily habit of learning, each message is short and actionable. The goal is to create a daily habit of learning. That is why I do not publish all 31 messages.


I use this tool myself, so as I learn more deeply, I continue to edit, improve, and even reorder the messages to improve the flow. This keeps the training similar, but fresh, and more importantly, ever improving!

Repeated Each Month

On the first of every month, the messages begin again. But as I said, I'm refining them, so it will be better each month!

How To Access the Messages

It's easy! Just visit the homepage Every Day for a short but powerful message that teaches and reinforces success principles.

This is daily training (Free, Easy, NO fluff).

What you do today (positive or negative) is your direction and your destiny!

Keep going in the right direction.


"I personally use the Daily Message as a tool to reinforce success principles and instill the practices that increase the chances of making my dreams become a reality."
-James Wilder, Founder, Great Is The Way

How can I see all the Daily Messages?

Right now, you have to visit the homepage daily to see each message. This is by design. It helps build a habit of daily positive action.

At some point I will compile all the messages into a book.

Go to the HOMEPAGE for today's message!

What Topics are Covered in the Daily Messages?

I cover topics such as mindset, habits, connections, gratitude, promotion, goals, health, legacy and more.

Explore the Blog

The blog contains more in-depth articles on the principles and practices of success.

Explore and study as needed.